Cristina Strelczuk Moreira

Professional Model

About Me

 CRISTINA ELIZABETH                       Professional Model


I grew up in Buenos Aires,Argentina,dancing salsa, cha cha and merengue. Moving to a new country and culture ignited my passions for travelling. I have visited many countries around the world, and my favourite city so far is Dubai... so many diamonds around!!  

Of course my biggest love is modelling since it gives me the creative freedom to express myself through a diverse range of shapes and angles. I am not afraid of trying something different and I like to explore varying ideas with photographers during shoots. My passion for what I do helps me to work very hard to achieve my goals.

 I constantly receive complements from photographers on how easy I am to work with, they say I am versatile, and have a natural ability to flow from pose to pose during shoots. Makeup artists love my skin, and just about everyone loves my deep, brown eyes!

 Aside from modelling work I like to get involved with charities supporting children in South America. I have organised many events to raise money and support children at school.

 Over my career I would like to work with more designers as this is something I love doing. I have some great shoots coming up with designers for various publications and commercial advertisements which I am really looking forward to. 

 Becoming a recognized model is my professional ambition, but achieving that in a fun and enjoyable way is my ultimate goal. In future I would like to create my own branded products and clothing lines. I will keep on working with charities and I would love to be able to help more. One of my life goals is to be the face of an established brand, giving me the opportunity to move into other challenges such as commercials, film and television. I know that one day my name will be recognized by people and instantly associated with good taste, great values and excellent fashion.