Cristina Strelczuk Moreira

Professional Model


CRISTINA ELIZABETH               Professional Model

                   Past Experience

Cover for Inside Crochet Magazine
issue 60

Stand in model for Victoria Secret models
Fashion show in London 2014

Take a Break Take a Puzzle Magazine 
Cover for the magazine October 2014

ADS Commercial for the Middle East

Filming for Samsung wearable products
Shoot to be presented to Headquarters of Samsung.

Commercial for Fire Eater (Whisky)
Circus theme commercial.

Commercial for Fosters (beer)
Shoot for TV commercial, supporting artist.

Commercial for Oyster 2 (pram)
Shoot for TV commercial.

Commercial for Stella Beer
Shoot for TV commercial, supporting artist.

Photo-shoot for Carling beer
Shoot for their social media, different scenes and times of the year.

Part of episode AWOL.

TV Commercial for X'mas for Waitrose 2013

Happy Meeting Shoot
Model for their shoot for website and promotional material.

Grosvenors Casinos TV commercial
Supporting artist.

Toe Toe
Shoot for new website and promotional material.

The 7.39
Supporting artist.

Asiana Wedding Magazine
Spread of few full pages.

Nars Cosmetics
Live model for NARS Cosmetics.

Vixen & Blush (Hair Extensions)
Shoot for website and promotional material.

Wow Now
Shoot for website, look-book spring/summer.

Made in Chelsea
Featured in season four.

Boudoir Shoot
Promotional boudoir shoot, stills and video.

Bridal Shoot
Shoot for Selsdon Park Hotel.

Commercial shoot for Chaos
Shoot for promotional material.

Photo-shoot and video at Abbey Road Studios
Video and stills for The Saints of British Rock band whilst they were recording at Abbey Road Studios

Shoot for Bergs International
Shoot for stand and promotional material for Bergs International.

Shoot for Grace Bardin
Shoot for amazing designer for different marketing purposes.

Fashion Show at Pacha London
Fashion Show at Pacha London night club.

Flyer shoot Pacha
Shoot for Pacha London night club to promote Fashion Show.

Fashion Show
Charity Fashion Show "Fashioned for Freedom"

Shoot for Aqua Restaurant
Shoot for promotion of the restaurant, photos to be used in their web and on the hall at the entrance.

Fashion Show
Fashion show for the Launch of Dewar Studios.

Roy Storch
Fashion show for the launch of Roy Storch Ltd.

Fashion show
N'Damus & Geometrics Designs: Featured in the catwalk fashion show for the promotional opening of N'Damus & Geometrics Designs shop in Brixton.

Greek/Roman beauty shoot
Indoor shoot using elaborate wigs and regal cloths to capture the essence of ancient Greece.

Warehouse shoot, London (Dave Marshall and Clive Davis)
Shoot in a warehouse on News International premises in London.

Fruit Shoot
An experimental shoot using jewellery made from real fruit.

Legs Beautiful
Indoor shoot for Legs Beautiful, a supplier of hats, scarves and womens hosiery. Photos included product modelling for use in online shop and in promotional material.

Vintage clothing line shoot
Initial shoot for as yet unreleased vintage clothing line. Photos will be used on the brands website and in promotional materials.

Shoot for Hair Stylist
Indoor studio shoot featuring an extravagant hair piece.

Documentary & Shoot
Shoot directed by Top Fashion designer and campaign director for Hautee Couture coffee table book.